Ben Hiking - A Queer in the wild

Backpacking & Hiking stories for people who like the outdoors, profanity, and poop talk. Enjoy!

Transcending Mountains: Trekking with Timex

Exploring the mountains, one trail at a time


A Journey On Foot // Adventure // Travel // Gear

Half Mile More

Wanderings Along the Pacific Crests

Journey Return

Thyroid Cancer Survivor on the Pacific Crest Trail & Beyond


Three pals out walking the pacific crest trail. Trials, tribulations and hiking records. Are the snakes real, or in our minds?

Wanderlust Travel Nurse

I am a pediatric surgery travel nurse, amateur photographer, and aspiring travel blogger, who hiked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017! Visiting all 59 National Parks before my 35th birthday!

Cariboose's Blog

Taking the Long View on hiking the Long Trail

Vanessa Pamela Friedman

dramatic but honest

Plutonic Love

Plutons are masses of igneous rock and I love them a lot.


dispatches from the wild

Trails' Guide

A lady and her pup exploring California and beyond.

Brown Girl on the NST

Grand Enchantment Trail 2018 | Pacific Crest Trail 2016 | Colorado Trail 2015

Jenny Bruso

An Unlikely Hiker Blog


Just another hiking site

Jan's Jaunts and Jabberings

Just some joyful jawing about backpacking, hiking and snowshoeing

She-ra Hikes

Exploring the world, one step at a time. Long distance backpacking - super hero style.


A place to share my adventures, travels and photos