Saturday July 25th 2015: OST Nip Tuck Lakes to Diamond View Lake approx. 13 + miles

We got out of camp at 9am, so that is a slight improvement and I am proud of us.  The mosquito blood sucking jerks have not been living up to the hype so far and I am thankful for that too!


However I am not thankful for crappy directions, dusty ass trails, and SUPER long road walks.  We got lost somewhere at the junction to Cresent Lake which swings us over to Whitefish Horse Camp, where we continue up the OST.  We walked along the road     FOR-EV-ER, I mean seriously it was the worst.  EA and Buggy’s feet were pretty tore up from the floor up by blisters and the road was torture for them.  I still can not believe how little they complained, you guys are champions at life.  EA had flip flops on at this point for goodness sakes! At least the views were nice…

Highway of Hell

We did eventually make it to Whitefish Horse Camp after a few false turns. The picnic table, water spigot, and bonus outhouse, is everything my dreams are made of.

It’s the little things


It is so funny that something so simple as a spigot of water and a picnic bench can make you absolutely giddy and thankful!  We laughed like total A-holes and made hot lunches on a table, sweet mystery of life at last I have found you!055







A super nice older gentleman came over to talk with us about our hike.  He was waiting for other family who were out on their horses to return and let a few of us charge phones off his truck.  He also gave us some trail mix that had chocolate in it which we promptly destroyed (trail magic!). He was so kind and he talked about how he wished he had done things like we were doing when he was younger.  We told him he should do it , it’s never too late!  He took some photos of us all together too. Really awesome guy!


We said goodbye and headed through the horse campground to get back on the OST.  Shortly entering the Diamond Lakes Wilderness, yay! The trail from here was some of the toughest we had been on with the extreme dust from all the horses that use it from the campgrounds. The uphill switchbacks were super rutted out and held lots of tree roots to trip you up under a little mound of soft dirt, MEAN.  We all had our bandanas over our faces to be able to breathe through the dust. It was rough but we got glimpses of pretty things in between the dusty crap.  I also at this point realized that even though this was super hard I was still really HAPPY to be out here doing it.

We finally made it to Diamond View Lake, the campsite was small and right along the trail but no one else was there so we had it all to ourselves.  The lake was amazing and we saw tons of different birds on the shores, even little sandpipers, I am dead from cuteness! The long, hot, dusty ass climb was soon forgotten.


Me, Hiddy Ho, and 2 cans even ran a little bit around the lake to enjoy having our packs off, it felt AHMAZING! SO FAST, SO LIGHT! The sunset was gorgeous and I stayed out on a little log bench to enjoy it and snap pictures before it got really cold and dark.


We are all looking forward to a actual short day tomorrow to our resupply at Shelter Cove Resort. Cold beers, cookies in my resupply box, what joy, what extravagance!