Sunday July 26th 2015: Diamond View Lake to Shelter Cove Resort approx. 5 miles of joy

It was one of the coldest nights and mornings we have had so far. I slept nice and warm though and enjoyed my coffee with a view of the mist rising off the lake with Hiddy Ho.  It is so peaceful here and it makes the hard work of the dusty long trail of the day before seem so trivial. This was one of my favorite spots on the trip.


We also saw our first lone female thru-hiker who stopped to talk with us in the morning as we were packing up.  Apparently she had started with another hiker but they both had injuries at different times and then decided to split up on the trail.  We told her she was awesome and she hustled off on the trail.  The excitement for a true short day and Shelter Cove Resort is starting to hit us and we are ready to get going!


We got on the trail around 9am and the hike through this area was BEAUTIFUL.  Just all dense old growth forest with mossy trees and then we came to Trapper Creek, which was bigger than a creek in my opinion, more like a little river. Who decides what a creek vs a river is?  I need to look this up at some point …



Any way it was gorgeous and we followed it the whole way.  It was cold all through here and we all kept our jackets, hats, and gloves on.  The only bad part was that 2 Cans started not feeling well and had to hustle through here to keep her motivation going.  She handled it like a champ though and we were all stoked when we hit the railroad tracks to cross over and head down to the Resort.

Shelter Cove is heaven on earth after 5 days of backpacking!  They have a store with hotdogs, microwave pizza, junk food of all sorts, and miracle of miracles BEER!  We got checked in for our tent site for the night and Buggy got the last cabin they had available. At first this made me jealous but I quickly got over it and super excited when it took the rest of the day to do laundry and she had a warm fireplace, kitchen, and private shower to share with us, THANK YOU BUGGY!  She also came striding over to our little camp site with 2 six packs of beer, you are the best, for real.

We all got buzzed quickly off one beer each and then picked up our resupply boxes.  The resort had a great fire pit area where we spread our dirty bodies out in the lounge chairs, drank beers, and passed around the Newman O’s I had mailed myself for a treat.  In no time we were cackling like crazed monkeys and all pretty buzzed on life and beers.

The Wagon Train Crew

I ate the most delicious hot dog of my life from the snack bar and then another about an hour later.  There were several thru-hikers here as well picking up boxes and charging phones etc.  The resort had a little area with a pop up tent and picnic benches for hikers, which is really nice.

We finally dragged ourselves over to Buggy’s cabin and unloaded our boxes to begin the purge and refill of bags.  We also started some laundry with the unfortunate event of the dryer really not doing it’s one job in life…luckily synthetic fabrics dry fast on a hot old timey stove!  We all unloaded a lot of those “just in case” items we brought and were glad to have Buggy’s car here to put them in for later pick up rather than having to carry them or toss them. Side note: She had left her car here during our car shuffle drop off just in case her back was hurting too much and she could not continue the trip.


We also contributed a lot to the communal hiker box. I put all my oatmeal in since I have come to HATE it and traded it out for pop tarts bought at the store, so much more delicious and filling!  We also all took one of the most wonderful showers of our lives.  It has been a great little break, we all feel a little recharged, and I am super excited to start the second half!  Now to bed in our little tent spot with a bonus picnic table.