Thursday July 30th 2015: Stormy Lake 1932.8 to Dumbell Lake 1944.7, approx 12 miles.

It is super hot today and it took it’s toll on everyone.  We did get hiking by 7:45am in an attempt to get most of our hiking done before the real heat and even with shade most of the way it was boiling.  It must be mid 90’s at least.

2Cans, EA, and Hiddy Ho enjoying a shade break

We passed several dried up ponds and thank goodness they were dry as we did not have to fight those jerks who normally live here.  We stopped and had lunch at Desane Lake which is about halfway to our destination. We all took our shoes off and put our feet up for a while during lunch.

EA not giving any fucks
Buggy and Mariposa

We passed through our first big meadow today, although it took all of us a few minutes to want to leave the shade to cross it.


We passed 7 lakes today but most were a bit off trail so we did not linger at any of them as we all just wanted to be done and relaxing in the water at camp.


EA, 2 Cans, Mariposa, and Hiddy Ho were jamming ahead and I was near the back with Buggy, she was really struggling the last few miles with the heat and had run out of water.  I stayed back with her and shared some water and encouragement.  I am sure she had at least some mild heat stroke and we were all wiped when we reached Dumbell lake at 2pm.


When we arrived at the lake there was only one big camp site we could see and the family with the dog from a few days ago was there. They were super nice and offered to move down onto the Island that is made of huge rocks that juts into Dumbell Lake since our party was bigger and clearly struggling.  We thanked them profusely for moving, it was super nice of them!

We cooled Buggy down with wet bandana’s and lots of fluids and she finally started to feel better.  This lake is a great spot and we soon got into the water to cool down.  Most of us also took naps in our tents or just laid where we could in the shade.  As the afternoon wore on several other hikers came through, looking just as bad, if not worse than we did.  We offered an older gentleman to share our site but he moved on and found a spot around a different side of the lake.  Later an older woman, who was totally a badass btw, with big ear plugs, tattoos, and awesome hiking gear showed up as well looking for a spot.  Again we offered to share but I think our big group scares people off from sharing. Although we are hella chill and in our tents passed out by hiker midnight.


She moved on to the rocky island and shared with the family, as it seems she sort of knows them.  And last but not least a younger guy showed up looking completely exhausted and disoriented.  He immediately went and sat in the shade down below us for a while, then finally filtered some water for himself.  We offered again to share and he took us up on setting up his vintage looking pyramid tent in our area.   He got in his tent and we could hear him cooking in there but he never came out.

The sunset here is probably the best one I have seen on the trip.  There were some crazy storm clouds that were carrying a lightning storm away from the area and the layers of it lit up the sky these crazy bright orange, pinks, reds, and finally blue/purples at dusk. I got tons of great pictures of the sky reflected into the calm waters of the lake.


Later in the evening older badass lady came by and talked to us for a bit, she is from Sisters, Oregon and is doing this last section through Oregon to finish her through hike of the PCT over several years.  She was super awesome and had the coolest cat hole trowel I have ever seen, it is a slim metal and brightly colored. I asked her about it and it is a deuce of spades and I am definitely getting one to replace my plastic one Hiddy Ho broke a few days ago.


And now it is off to bed before our last day on trail tomorrow. I am bummed out it is over so soon but also stoked for showers, beer, and burgers.  I wish we could just take a nero day and keep going.