Tuesday July 28th 2015: Bobby Lake 1915.1 to Charlton Lake 1922.6 approx. 8 miles

Well Grandpa was asleep before the stars again, surprise.  We woke up pretty early and were excited for an 8 mile day.  It seems we all have our trail legs a little bit and this feels like a short day now, I felt like I could have gone twice that at that end I was feeling so good.


Everyone’s feet except me and Hiddy Ho’s are still pretty torn up so a shorter day will be nice to give them a bit of a rest.  We headed up hill for the first half of the hike and past several ponds where the mosquito’s would swarm us whenever we stopped.  Those jerks have now decided to show up in force!  We all apply Picardin or Deet liberally whenever they start attacking again, F what the label says about when you can apply again, these things are the worst. Why God, why?  Luckily it’s shady here as it has begun to warm up quite a bit during the days.


The guide book suggested taking a walk of about 70 yards off trail onto some rock slabs for a great view of Waldo Lake.  I am so glad I followed it’s advice, this view is off the chain!  In fact my journal notes literally say “HOLY CRAP!” underlined and in bold if that helps you appreciate this view more. We lunched here and enjoyed the warm sun on this crazy jumble of rocks that looks out for miles onto the lake, green hills lined with trees, and Diamond Peak. 


What an amazing place, we stayed for about an hour, snacking and fooling around. We all wished we could have stayed longer but our short day calls.


As we headed out we met a nice family with a cute but totally belligerent dog that we were all dying to pet.  She was totally bananas and adorable.  We all thought we had heard a dog barking the night before at Bobby Lake and it was this one. Turns out they are from Oregon and are hiking a short section ending near Elk Lake like us. We wished them well and will likely run into them again.

After a few more hours hiking along we made it to Charlton Lake.  This was the biggest lake we have camped at so far and it has tons of great sites. We picked one with views all around and away from the trail. There are more day campers here than we have seen so far, as this lake is close to a road that we will cross over tomorrow.  However it is so large and the campsites spread out so much that we can not really see or hear them.


We all took swims and washed our clothes, it is a perfectly warm and breezy day.  It took me some time to finally dip in all the way and once I did it was great. Everyone enjoyed laying out in the afternoon sun.  There is also lots of naughty chipmunks (my favorite!) and one got into E.A.’s bag to nibble on a little peanut butter packet.  Buggy kept making hilarious noises at them “to scare them off” and it seemed to work the first time but they wised up fast and kept coming back for more.  We really had to watch our food.


I also found a wire wrapped piece of Obsidian and some carved wooden blocks by a downed tree near our campsite.  I gave the blocks to Hiddy Ho and hung the Obsidian from my bag for good luck, unless this thing is cursed…I’ll smudge it with sage ASAP.


The blood sucker situation here is much improved, I am sure the breeze helps so they did not show up until after dinner and even then were not biting us a ton. 2Cans is suffering from some bad chaffing on her legs today and that SUCKSSSS.  I have to say everyone is pretty darn stoic for what aches and pains we are all dealing with.  I watched a gorgeous sunset through the tent flap. I keep trying to stay up for the stars but damn if I lay down anywhere past dinner time it’s lights out for Grandpa.