Monday July 27th 2015: Shelter Cove Resort return to the PCT and on to Bobby Lake approx. 12.5 miles

We left Shelter cove around 9am in high spirits , with extra snacks, Ibuprofen, and slight hangovers.  We headed back over the railroad tracks to Trapper Creek and promptly crossed a “bridge” or a big plank with a hand rail on one side and the rushing creek below it.


Hiddy Ho and everyone else crossed this like no big deal and we continued up the slopes to cross Highway 58 to our junction with the PCT.  The morning was cool, quiet, and beautiful through similar old growth mossy trees like we saw the day before.


We had a great view of Odell Lake and said farewell to Shelter Cove, how I will miss your hot dogs and cold beers!  We continued through Douglas Fir, Western white pine, and Mountain Hemlock forest and then came to an amazing area with the three Rosary Lakes of Lower, Middle, and North.  The Lower or South Lake is the deepest of the three and has super clear green water.


The middle lake was equally amazing with 400 ft high Rosary Rock towering above the blue-green water.  We stopped here for lunch and a foot care break. My feet are still blister free and so are Hiddy Ho’s!


Buggy, Mariposa, and EA’s feet are hurting pretty bad and we have gave them lots of tape and mole skin to get by. I also gave E.A. an extra pair of Feetures wool blend socks I have and she has dubbed them the “magic socks” as her feet are doing much better in them.  After we left the Rosary Lakes the hiking grew hot, dusty, and up long switch backs. Everyone powered through still feeling pretty great from the day before.  On this climb I saw a brief glimpse of red fox bounding up the hillside with it’s big bushy tail, what the what!?! When we hit the top of the saddle we looked back and could see all the Rosary Lakes, Odell Lake, and Crescent Lake.  It was pretty inspiring and awesome to see how far we have come.


It feels like I have just walked a little ways and then to look back and say look at all this space I crossed, it is pretty rad.  It is also so humbling to see the surrounding forest and realize that you are so small in all of it and touching on just this tiny bit of trail that runs through it.  Perspective.

We then had a little descent and hit the junction for Bobby Lake Trail 3/10th of a mile off the PCT.  We wound down to the big blue lake and found a great campsite to our left on a hill overlooking the lake.


We had a good little set up of logs to sit on and an amazing view out of the tent door.  Me and Hiddy Ho went for a walk around the lake at dusk after dinner for some alone time.


This lake is more remote and heavily wooded than any we have been at so far. We were a little creeped out and then we saw a big buck through the trees watching us, watching him until he jogged off. We also came upon a sweet camp set up further down that someone had carved out chairs and benches of the big downed logs at.  If we were not already set up for the night at our hill this would have also been a great option.


We headed back to camp and saw the sunset in light pinks and purples.  We settled in for the night and I am again trying my best to stay up to see the stars.