Friday July 31st 2015: Dumbell Lake 1944.7 to Elk Lake Trailhead 1950.1, then 1 mile to Elk Lake trailhead and cars/civilization.

Woo it is another scorcher today!  We got out of camp at 7:45am and were lucky to start out in some shaded woods with beautiful beams of light coming through the foliage.



Several times today when we took breaks along the trail we stopped and chatted with the older gentleman we spoke with briefly yesterday at Dumbell Lake.  He is 74 years old, from Georgia, and he is doing 250 miles of the PCT solo!  He said he wanted to get out here and get it done before he gets put in a home.  Seems crazy to me that this vibrant, amazing human being would be stuck in a home at some point, life is ridiculous.




We passed through a large meadow today as well and talked with a nice queer couple who were out for a weekend with their dogs.  They took some pictures of our group for us and let us pet their dog, we are all missing our beasts at home.


We took several short breaks today to hydrate and take our time in this heat.  At one break spot there was two gray jays who were very curious about us.  They hopped from tree to tree very near us and chatted away, it was super cool.  We were shortly on our way again and jamming to get done and get BEER.  Our marching chant was a very simple one: Burgers and Beer.


Soon enough we came out of the shade and into another burned area which lasted until we hit the Elk Lake Trailhead turn off.


We could see South Sister so well from here and it really made me wish we could push on and get closer.  I saw pictures of this area and it looks really special and pretty with all the volcanic rock, Wickiup plan, and wide meadows. I will be back for you Three Sisters Wilderness!


We started our dusty, hot down hill to Elk Lake Trailhead at quite the speed and were at our cars at 10:30am.  There was a real bathroom, the first we had seen in 5 days, super exciting!  We wiped off the dust as best we could and some of us changed into clothes we had left in the car.  We drove out onto the Highway towards the town of Bend and Deschutes Brewery, my dreams coming to fruition.

The drive to Bend was beautiful with it’s big mountains, tumbling rivers, huge trees, and massive meadows.  We hit Bend and low and behold we see the most deer we have seen the whole trip eating grass in the town!  WTF. But I digress to the most joyous part of eating everything I can fit inside me, getting a hotel room and showering forever and ever, watching a Harry Potter movie on TV, then going out for dinner to eat more and drink ALL the beer, this is the joy of finishing backpacking.

From L to R: EA, Buggy, 2Cans, Grandpa chipmunk(me), Mariposa, and        Hiddy Ho


Saturday August 1st: We rolled out of bed at a leisurely hour to head to brunch before we split up for our respective homes. The food was delicious, especially the real coffee, and the company delightful.  I bought several very cheap, large, and delicious Oregon beers to bring home.  Then me and Hiddy Ho drove Buggy back to her car at Shelter Cove and then 2Cans to hers at Diamond Lake.  Soon enough it was just me and Hiddy Ho heading back to our home in Oakland. I can’t wait to get back to Oregon and keep hiking that beautiful trail! Until next time, Prost!