Where: Eagle Falls Trailhead to Eagle Lake & Fallen Leaf Lake trails

Me, Sarah, Jarah, and Em booked a cabin a few months ago expecting a needed escape to wintery weather and damn if we all didn’t desperately need it in current crap reality around us. What a privilege to escape for a weekend and not think about anything else but what to eat or where to hike.  We got a cute little cabin in Tahoma, Ca for the first weekend of February and enjoyed the hell out of it. We cooked, drank delicious adult beveys, sat in the snow surrounded hot tub too long, and snowshoed some quiet and beautiful places.



We hit up Eagle Lake via the very popular summer trail Eagle Falls by Emerald Bay. Lucky for us, even on a Saturday, the trail was quiet with only a few groups venturing out. And none of them went all the way to frozen, snow covered Eagle Lake.

The trail was an up hill slog on the way in but easy to follow along the creek and others snowshoe tracks. The snow covered trees were gorgeous and we also crossed the Falls over a snow covered bridge that went all the way to the top of the rails, eek.



We made our way up and over a small ridge about a mile in and there was Eagle Lake covered in snow and ice surrounded by a glacial cirque. It was stunning and so quiet in the gentle falling snow. We enjoyed the hot tea and snacks we brought in the stillness, just listening to the wind shake the snow covered trees around us.


Soon enought it was time to turn around and enjoy views of Lake Tahoe far below us. It’s official that we are all now obsessed with snowshoeing and can’t wait to go out again, escape from work/life permitting.


So much pretty, so much silence. Hella loved it.