A few weekends ago I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, after the very wet winter we have had in the Bay Area, to head to Point Reyes for some chill hiking. I’ve hiked the whole Tomales Point trail with my friend Vi last year and wanted to swing down to the beach this time and explore the rocks and tide pools. This area is super pretty and some of the wild Poppies and Irises were just starting to bloom. The Tule Elk were chilling near the road in so I got to say hi to them and lots of Red Tailed Hawks were floating the air waves too. Totally dreamy. I parked near the old barns and hiked the Tomales trail for about a mile out and then decided I really wanted to spend my time exploring the beach before other people showed up in the early afternoon so turned around to head down to the beach.


The weather was perfect and I only saw a few other people wandering around farther out on the trail. I was already starting to feel rejuvenated with the wind and waves as the only sounds around me. I cruised down to McClure beach along a fresh water creek in the gorge next to me and greeted one other soul heading back up with a huge smile on her face. The beach was all mine for a while as wandered among the rocks and tide pools.


Eventually a hand full of other people wandered onto the beach and we smiled as we passed each other exploring this little cove. I found several deceased crab friends and the empty shells of growing crustaceans road the waves in and out along the shore.

4966CC26-5875-495E-B759-0024DDB1ED3C  I sat over on the perfect log for a while eating a super delicious pastry I wisely bought at the bakery by my house in Oakland before driving out early this morning. I few gulls wandered around near the shore below me, I’m sure waiting for any pastry bits to be left behind. Soon the wind started picking up and it was time to beat the notorious 101 highway traffic home. I headed back up to my car in the parking lot and did a quick walk through the old dairy barn before driving back home, feeling a lot more positive then when I left this morning.  I have to remember to get myself outside when I’m feeling low or defeated by the world around me because it really does help me feel refreshed and ready to fight another day.