Well dear readers we left off with a beautiful sunset and ocean waves singing us to sleep last night. I was having a glorious rest and at 3am the wind was like hey let’s F this shit up!  It started with a few shaking gusts and then moved up to the tent sides slapping you in the face.  I luckily remembered that I had clothes on some big logs drying outside (and had the smarts to put rocks on them) so I jumped out of my sleeping bag to grab them before they got blown away forever into the ocean or trees. When I got up to grab my clothes I looked over at Megan’s tent which was doing a kind of bad shimmy dance that looked rather unpleasant and she shortly peeked out to get up and take the fly off before it peaced out. I have to give props to our tent because it handled the wind like a champ, not even properly staked down because we were in sand. Yay Tarptent Double Rainbow! IMG_2222The wind finally settled down around 6am and when I crawled out to watch the sun roll in Jen & Daddy Pony were already up and had given up fighting the wind and taken down their tents already.  The morning was beautiful and still. We took our time getting ready and wandering around since we only had about 3 miles to our car at Needle Rock. Since the tide was out we could walk a little ways on the beach around the cliffs that jut out into the ocean. It is wicked pretty!

IMG_2219IMG_2230Even though the wind kicked our butts last night it was hard to walk away from such a wonderful spot. The cute seals were back out bobbing in the waves and the birds were singing, such magic!

IMG_2232We finally were ready to go, the desire for town food growing stronger and pulling us away. We crossed back over the creek and took one last look back at the beach.

Daddy Pony crossing the creek
looking back to the beach

The hike out was quick, easy, and gorgeous! The mist burning off played cool tricks with the sun and we jammed up the easy trail.

IMG_2237The hiking went by super fast and soon enough we saw our last bit of ocean views before hitting the Needle Rock visitor center.

IMG_2242We quickly changed into our clean, non-poison oak infested clothes that we had left in the car and were off to breakfast at Eel River Cafe in Garberville. It’s a cute little town and we all cleaned our plates. Then we had the last unpleasant task of going back to Usal Beach to pick up Jen & Daddy Ponies cars. I’ll spare you the boring details on that, needless to say we all made it home safe after a long, bumpy drive and jammed out to a lot of Fleetwood Mac (the tribute record by different bands covering Fleetwood Mac songs called Just Tell Me That You Want Me is soooo good btw). The trip was definitely an adventure and I am excited to try the Northern portion in the Kings Range Wilderness next spring! Until our next outing, happy hiking!