September 7th, 2017

Fauna seen: 1 marmot, Wilsons Warblers, Grey Mocking birds, Red tailed hawks, chips/squirrels, fresh bear scat on the trail by camp but no bear sighting…

We decided to sleep in a little this morning since we would be getting up hella early for Forester Pass tomorrow and did not have far to go today. It was also pretty chilly from the rain yesterday, our tents were wet, and there was frost in the meadow when I went to collect water, making for slow going and cold hands.  There was no sign of any bear visitors last night, which was fine with us.  We got hiking around 8am and started heading up the long valley.


We climbed along Bubb’s creek most of the morning. There were pretty waterfalls cascading over the granite and we had a few tributary crossings, where we luckily kept our feet dry.  As we got closer to the bottom of Forester Pass the valley opened up behind us and we also saw a Marmot eating snacks near the trail.


We found a great site tucked in some trees across the creek and away from the larger camping area.  The views here are amazing and stretch in all directions.  Behind us tower the mountains with a few waterfalls and patches of snow on them.  We settled in and explored the many beautiful view points around us.  It is pretty windy here since it is so open and along a broad valley, luckily our tent site is protected by trees and boulders or it would be an unpleasant night.

Our campsite was in the clump of trees to the right
The lovely creek that runs along the trail near our campsite

We did some laundry and watched a few hikers head by in the afternoon. There are a few smaller tent sites a little higher up at a tarn but they are very exposed, so we choose not to camp there.  Soon enough the light was fading and the air cooled down quite a bit so we snuggled in for our early morning wake up. I am really looking forward to Forester Pass tomorrow and hope there is not a lot of sketchy snow to cross!