Ben Hiking

Queer Backpacking & Hiking Adventures


Hey there! I am a 30 something QT backpacker and hiker who lives in Oakland, Ca.  I have been backpacking since 2010, when a friend took me on my first trip into the Grand Canyon and I feel in love.  I had no idea what I was doing, my bag was huge, it was hard, and ALSO SO AWESOME.  I am hoping that this blog might serve as inspiration for others to get out into nature too. Especially Queer, Trans, Gender non-conforming, Women identified folks, and People of Color since those are the people I see the least of out on the trails and represented in media/advertising.  It was also a good idea for me to take my scribbled journal notes and put them in a more legible/fun format, so here it is!  I hope you enjoy it and maybe these words help you get out for a hike or backpacking trip.  Feel free to message me, I love to talk backpacking, gear, trips, logistics etc.!  Hope to see you on the trails! – Ben

My I love small furry things face (i.e. there is a Pika on the rocks behind me)

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